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Guar for Others

Category Description :

Product Overview

  Products of the guar gum series are a derivative prepared with natural polymer guar gum as raw materials through physical and chemical modification. They are water-soluble polymer carbohydrates. The main raw materials of the products grow in sub-subcontinent semi-arid areas of India and Pakistan, belonging to annual herbaceous plants.

  We are the largest professional manufacturer of guar gum and its derivatives in China. Currently, our products and services are available in oilfield fracturing, textile printing and dyeing, personal care, paper industry, construction industry and other fields. Our markets cover all oilfields of China and major provinces in east and central China, as well as many a country of Asia, Europe and Americas.



Key Features

JK Guar Gum for

Cat Litter

Jingkun 5 series of products, such as JK501, feature fast thickening speed, good liquidity, and strictly controlled whiteness and total number of colonies after special treatment, and can be used in cat litter, making the cat litter contaminated by cat urine clotting rapidly and easy to clean up.

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