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Guar for Paper-Making

Category Description :

Product Overview

  Products of the guar gum series are a derivative prepared with natural polymer guar gum as raw materials through physical and chemical modification. They are water-soluble polymer carbohydrates. The main raw materials of the products grow in sub-subcontinent semi-arid areas of India and Pakistan, belonging to annual herbaceous plants.

  We are the largest professional manufacturer of guar gum and its derivatives in China. Currently, our products and services are available in oilfield fracturing, textile printing and dyeing, personal care, paper industry, construction industry and other fields. Our markets cover all oilfields of China and major provinces in east and central China, as well as many a country of Asia, Europe and Americas.

  This series of products is a special treatment, to control the viscosity of the characteristics of guar gum, suitable for dry powder or slurry in the form of use, especially for the paper industry in the cigarette paper and high-grade paper production.


Key Features

JK paper with guar gum

JK801, JK802 products are specially treated - to control their viscosity characteristics of guar gum, with significant rapid hydration swelling characteristics (even in cold water), which makes it suitable for use in dry powder or slurry form. The use of this product can effectively enhance the strength and uniformity of paper, reduce pulp consumption, improve the strength index. While the small fibers and fillings to retain and stick to the role of reducing the loss, especially for the paper industry in the cigarette factory.

The JK820 product is an excellent retention aid for cationic properties. The filter aid is a natural green new type of paper making additive with significant rapid hydration swell characteristics (even in cold water), making it suitable for dry powder Or in the form of a slurry. This product is a natural plant rubber modified products, with similar plant fiber cell structure, the fiber has a good affinity, can quickly adsorbed on the fiber surface, reduce and neutralize the fiber surface charge, so that the plasma potential to the isoelectric point Close to reduce the mutual repulsion between the particles and between the fibers, and disordered fibers and fine fibers symmetrically arranged and combined into a neat three-dimensional network bridge structure. The cationic retention aid can effectively reduce the loss of filler and fine fiber, with high efficiency, low dosage, low cost and other advantages, significant economic benefits.

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