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Guar for Textile printing

Category Description :

Product overview

  Guar gum series of products is derivative products formed by taking the natural polymer guar gum as the raw material through the physical and chemical modification, and belongs to water-soluble polymer carbohydrate. The main raw material of the product is grown in semi-arid region of subcontinent of India and Pakistan, and belongs to the annual herb.

  Our company is the biggest professional manufacturer of guar gum and its derivative series products in domestic. Currently, the product and service involve the oil well fracturing, textile printing and dyeing, personal care, paper industry, building industry and many other fields; and the product market spreads over the domestic oil fields, main provinces of eastern and central regions, as well as Asia, Europe and America and many other countries.





Key Features

JK printing paste

JK printing paste product represented by JK025 and JK030 has high paste rate, thereby greatly reducing the usage of paste in the printing; and especially, it has better flower outline, mesh permeability, permeability, water holding property and paste removal property than those of instant paste when being applied to the blanket printing. Meanwhile, this paste has very short beating time, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of worker and the cost of the factory.

JK silk fabric printing paste

The printing paste presented by JK0600, JK0800, JK0601 and JK0801 has bright color yield, clear flower outline, good permeability, easy mesh permeability, easy paste removal and other advantages in the nylon, real silk, acrylon and dacron printing; and moreover, it has very good stability in the color paste system. 

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