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About us
About us
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Main introduction

  Founded in 1989, launched modified guar gum production in 1994, Jingkun Chemistry Company is a professional manufacturers for guar derivatives products in the world 
      It is located in Kunshan city of Yangzi River delta, with is to the west of Shanghai and east of Suzhou. It only takes about 2 hours’diving from our factory to Shanghai Port or Shanghai Airport. Facilitated transport and advanced logistics management ensure you timely delivery.
      We serve GuarsafeRCAG, HPG, CMHPG, CMG to the applications of Personal care, Construction, Oil field, Paper making, Textile printing, Mining, Water treatment.




Development track

  With years’ efforts, Jingkun Chemistry Company has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of Guar Derivatives products in the world.
       Jingkun is certified by ISO9001 verification. We control procedure according to ISO9001& GB/T 28001 QHSE System standard and then ensure strict quality management be run efficiently in every part of production. Now, Jingkun ‘s overseas network has covered Europe, South-America, Mid-East, and Southeart Asia. 
       We believe Professional Makes Perfect, and we’ll continue to dedicate in research, manufacturing and promotion of guar derivatives. 

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